Set of 5 Grey Wash Imperial Inks

 Imperial Ink

 Grey Wash (Set of 5)

 Light, Medium, Dark, Extra Dark & Xtra Xtra Dark grey wash tones

 2oz / 60ml *BACK IN STOCK*

 £38.40   £32.00 + vat



To all the fantastic artists out there that use our Grey Wash System - Due to massive demand for the Wash and a busy back log at the facility that Gamma Ray Sterilize it too, we are currently out of stock of the Sets of 5. Only Dark and Xtra Dark is available at this time. A huge new batch is currently being sterilized as we speak for your benefit. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused! We are realistically looking at around a 3-4 week turnaround. But feel free to call us, or order your Grey Wash online at So as soon as it is back in stock you will be first in line to receive. Many Thanks, Danny

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