Chrome Boltup

 Chrome Boltup

 Can be built left handed.

 Adjustable Contact post & Spring hanger.

 Suited for lining or shading.

 £204.00   £170.00 + vat


Chrome Bolt Up
This was our first brass machine, we have made it a bolt together machine for a few reasons

Firstly so that it can be built to suit left handed artists.

Secondly the spring hanger is fully adjustable so that you can have it forward for lining or pull it back for shading. The front contact post is also fully adjustable.

The coils on this machine are the same as the Iron Buzzard.

Because the machine is made of brass it has to have a yolk fitted, so what we have done is to make the yolk, coil centers and armature bar the same weight and all fully heat treated so a better magnetic pull is given without holding magnetism and giving a smoother running machine.

Because this machine is made of brass it is a little heavier, but this stops any vibration.

It really is a smooth runner and can be set to run fast, slow or anyway you may require.

As with all our machines it is fitted with a jack-plug connection which will suit most tattoo artists.

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